Certificate IV in training and assessment

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You graduate college with your degree in hand, you may think that your time in the classroom is over. You embark on your career with the belief that you know all there is to know or that you know all that you need to in order to enjoy a successful career in your industry. However, at some point, you realize that you need to advance your skills and education with further classroom-style education and even certifications in various areas if you want to take your career to the next level. With this in mind, you may be exploring your options to earn a cert iv in training and assessment or another related certificate.

This certificate, also referred to as the tae40110 certificate, is designed for trainers and assessors who are involved in TAFE or who are involved in workplace training programs. It is also well-suited for those who have the desire to work as trainers and assessors and who want to have greater access to job openings in this field. With a certificate, you may be considered for higher-level positions or may advance more easily within your current company.

If you have the desire to earn a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in this industry, you should examine the education options available. There are a number of TAE40110 training courses available to take in a live classroom environment, but you can also enrol in a full program online that will lead to earning this type of professional certificate. For busy professionals who are not located close to a classroom training location or who do not have the ability to take time off of work for classroom courses, the online training options are a great solution.




The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment may be just one of several different certificates that you may earn throughout your career. The fact is that to be most successful in your career, you do have to continually improve yourself through education and various new experiences. You can begin advancing your career by exploring certification training options for TAE40110 or another related certificate that may help you to achieve your career goals today.

When you enrol in a distance education program conducted by Openlearning.edu.au you are able to obtain a nationally recognised qualification conducted by a registered training provider listed in ASQA the Australian Government Skills Quality Authority.  When you hold your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification certificate, you are instantly recognised as a professional trainer who has achieved the required competency for training in the workplace.  Wherever you are in the world, you will benefit from having the knowledge and the qualification.

Many of our overseas students have achieved this qualification and used it successfully to obtain better paying jobs. 


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

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