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Updated 30 July 2015



TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment
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TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment

Information for experienced Training Managers

For general information about this TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment qualification, please visit

For general information about the TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification, please visit






I hold the BSZ50198 Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems.  How much recognition can I get toward the new TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment?

At the same time as the TAA50104 competency standards were being developed, the Government commissioned a mapping analysis.  The summary is available for you in a PDF file by clicking here.

In summary, the following units are equivalent:

This BSZ50198 Unit is equivalent to this TAA50104 Unit
BSZ508A Design training courses

TAADES501A Design and develop learning strategies

BSZ504A Manage the training and assessment system

TAADEL504A Lead and coordinate training services

BSZ502A Design and establish the training system; and
BSZ503A Design and establish the assessment system; and
BSZ504A Manage the training and assessment system

TAACMQ501A Develop training and/or assessment organisational policies and procedures

BSZ505A Evaluate the training and assessment system

TAACMQ503A Lead and conduct training and/or assessment evaluations

The remaining units from the TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment are different enough to be unique, where there is currently no other equivalent unit.

How will I know if I can get through the recognition process?

There is a fair bit to cover in this qualification - and it is possible that you have achieved all the skills in your current work role.

In order to check if you have the competencies, you will need to do a little exercise.

Firstly, hop onto the NTIS database at  Pull up the relevant units that you want to achieve through recognition.  There are 5 core and 7 elective units.  Print out or make a copy of each of the units.  Have a look at each unit, and think about the evidence you would collect to meet the needs of the unit.  Don't forget to look at the Specific Evidence Requirements section of each of the TAA units.  We need as much DIRECT evidence as possible - which includes anything you have made, or that allows your assessor to see your skills in action.  This is the best self-assessment activity we can think of.

Please contact Student Support if you need any assistance with this exercise.

If this all sounds Dutch to you, there is a strong possibility that you will need at least some training in this qualification.  In such a case, we recommend you enrol in the program, and then look at Recognition for individual units within the entire program (it will be a cheaper option for you, and you get the benefit of the resources as well!).     






Can I get straight into the Diploma without doing any of the Certificate IV units?


The qualification is quite clearly described.  You must hold the TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification, with the TAADEL402A Facilitate group-based learning unit as one of the two electives from that qualification.  If you do not have these pre-requisites, you can complete these through any provider (including us!) before you start into the Diploma qualification.

There is recognition available for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment if you feel your current skills and knowledge are at the level outlined in the TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.   

How will you recognise my skills for the TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment?

Great question!  

Every person is different, and the evidence you can gather about your skills and knowledge will be different than most other people.

A qualified assessor will look at all the evidence you supply that will help prove your skills.  

In short, we need you to collect as much DIRECT evidence as you can.  Sometimes, the best method is a video of yourself doing the task (particularly for the facilitation units).  Other evidence can include:

These are just some examples of evidence you may wish to collect.  

Please note that all evidence we collect is treated with the strictest confidence.  If your material is commercially sensitive, you can alter or block out names, dates etc to make your evidence meet confidentiality requirements.  

Your assessor will only be looking at YOUR skills - in YOUR work environment context.  Safecity and its staff are not interested in the commercial activities of any other company (we have our own processes in place, and we like them very very much... and they have served us very well to get us where we already are today!).  

Safecity will provide you with a nice evidence template to help arrange your evidence, and outline your experience in the competencies you want Recognition for.  This will not happen until you enrol and pay for the Recognition process, so please be sure you have looked at the competencies on the NTIS website (see first question above) BEFORE you embark on this option.    





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